Why Become an Application Partner?

Think that your application would be a great fit into Homecloud? Our engineers are standing by to help you integrate your product into the Homecloud eco-system.

Please let us know a little bit more about yourself and your offering and we can get to work.

Application Partner Benefits

Sophisticated Execution Platform

Homecloud provides a reliable, always-on, Internet-connected platform to run your application. No more relying on a powered-up computer with a never ending stream of newly installed software to deliver your critical product services.

Rich Set of Platform APIs

Homecloud provides simple, permission-based access to users' files and home storage across a wide range of devices running Windows, Mac, or iOS. It also offers a fully-featured web environment from which users can interact with an application. Partners focus more on delivering customer value and worry less about end-user client support and infrastructure.

Flexible Deployment Options

Applications running within Homecloud are fully managed via Homecloud's application deployment system. Every component within the Homecloud delivery system is dynamic. The solution supports a range of commercial models from one-time fees to a recurring charge as well as "freemium" offers.

Ecosystem Independence

Homecloud's unique cloud architecture is designed to support a broad set of devices regardless of OS or manufacturer. This enables the broadest addressable market for partner applications.

Saves Money on Network Bandwidth

Homecloud reduces bandwidth requirements thus saving money for cloud application providers by allowing the partner to transfer data to the Internet only when needed. For example, users can locally access partner content when at home directly from their Homecloud.

Accelerate Application Adoption

With Homecloud already in place, the hurdles for a user to adopt new services can be lowered significantly. New partner applications are automatically installed and instantly become available to all devices connected to a given Homecloud.

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