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The Internet-based cloud offers many benefits, including virtually unlimited storage, anywhere, anytime access and the easy sharing of content. But with it comes concerns about the sharing and synching of personal data between different online services as well as privacy and security of your data, today and in the future.

Homecloud offers a solution to these concerns: a true home cloud environment. Just plug in a storage device and your content is automatically backed up and stored in one controlled location—your home network. Personalized cloud applications are run from one centralized location. And pictures, movies, songs and work files are easily shared and synchronized between connected home devices.

Your cloud at home.

The cloud done right.
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So what does that mean for you, day to day? A few examples below.


  • Remembering the Trip to the Zoo Instantly

    You're at the zoo and you whip out your smartphone to snap a pic of the kids in front of the monkeys. When you get home, simply connect your smartphone to the Homecloud network, pick and choose your favorite picture, and Homecloud will automatically protect your pictures and synchronize across all your Homecloud-enabled devices.


  • Switching Photo Sharing Services with Ease

    For years, you've used a photo sharing service to store and share your family photos. One day, you get an email from the service saying they’re going to start charging a monthly fee. Time for a new service. Before Homecloud, you would've had to manually download every photo from the service then upload every photo to a new sharing site. But with Homecloud, the most up-to-date versions of every photo have been synched and stored on your home network. With a couple of clicks, you can unlink from your old service and link your Homecloud photos to the new service in no time.


  • Saving HD Home Videos

    It's your son’s first soccer game. You bring your new HD digital video camera to capture all the action. After the post-game ice cream, you head home to upload the video you shot. As you do, it's being automatically backed up to the USB drive connected to your Homecloud DHM. The backup application is monitoring the drive capacity and determines it's getting low. You get a notification via email that it’s low, so you quickly find a new hard drive online—on sale. When the new drive arrives, all you have to do is plug it into the DHM and you’re good to go.


  • Streaming Music to a Networked TV

    One of your new TV's many fun features is the ability to stream music. If you didn't have Homecloud, you'd have to configure every device so it'd be recognized by the TV. And if you had different songs on different devices, it'd be a challenge to guess which one held the song you wanted. But with Homecloud, all your music is synched through your DHM, and the music-streaming application runs centrally through it. So all you need to do is turn on your TV and select the only music source it recognizes: Homecloud Media Server.