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Do you want to develop applications for your own personal cloud?

You can with the Digital Home Manager (DHM).  The DHM is a high performance router based upon dual-core CPU architecture.  This architecture enables best in class routing performance along with providing a dedicated web application platform. DHM with in-built router serves as the centerpiece of your personal cloud. Westell has extended this by enabling a seamless storage cloud that facilitates sharing information among devices within home as well as web application and the internet based services.

Developer Benefits

Sophisticated Web Application Execution Platform

The DHM provides a reliable, secure, always-on, Internet-connected application platform based upon OpenJDK Java and Open Service Gateway Initiative (OSGi).  OSGi enables the dynamic management and installation of OSGi bundles that contain java web applications The Java web applications are based on industry standard Java Servlet/JSP classes.

Inherent with the DHM being the home network router, the DHM provides an execution environment that is always on.  In addition, the DHM’s dual-core architecture allows applications to be isolated from the routing function by being executed on a dedicated CPU core.

Rich Set of Platform APIs

Homecloud provides simple, permission-based access to users' files and home storage across a wide range of devices running Windows, Mac, or iOS. It also offers a fully featured web environment from which users can interact with an application directly from the desktop and file explorer. 

Applications have seamless access to files stored in Homecloud using the Homecloud API.  The Homecloud API is modeled after http commands and allows complete access to Homecloud resources.  Your Web application can also take advantage of support classes designed to allow further integration with the Homecloud environment.

Preserve Your Privacy & Your Personal Data

Tired of Internet based services changing privacy policy without your knowledge. Worried about what happens with your personal data stored on Internet based application or service? And more what do they do with your personal data? Don't worry. 

A Homecloud application can act as an arbitration layer between your data and the Internet service, allowing you to control which data can has access to as well as guaranteeing that you always have your data available to you.

Platform Consolidation

Homecloud's unique cloud architecture is designed to support a broad set of devices regardless of OS or manufacturer.  Write your application using standard Java Servlet/JSP classes and Homecloud takes care of making data available to your application regardless of what platform the data resides on.

Ease of Application Deployment

With a single click of a button, you can upload and install your application on the DHM platform.  The Homecloud SDK supports development of your application using Eclipse, including integrated debugging.

API Framework

Homecloud's unique cloud architecture is designed to provide a seamless storage cloud.  This cloud offers file sharing and file syncing services.  These services are created through installed web applications.  The services are then made available to the user through seamless integration on the various computing devices in the home.  This is all enabled and accessed through the Homecloud API and supporting SDK classes.

Webify Your Application

The web is the one technology universally available in the post-PC world.  The DHM and Homecloud make it possible to install your web application in the home and have it available regardless of the state of the home’s broadband connection and any of its restrictions.