Why Offer Homecloud?

We're always looking to partner with broadband service providers to help them expand their service offerings.

We think Homecloud is the next big thing, and you should too. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

Service Partner Benefits

Sophisticated Execution Platform

Homecloud provides a reliable, always-on, Internet-connected platform on which to base your in-home application strategy. Homecloud's high-performance, dynamic, and scalable architecture ensures that you'll never be limited as to how you can enhance your subscriber's experience with your brand.

Rich Set of APIs

Homecloud is the only in-home application platform that provides a robust set of platform APIs including those for accessing home file systems, system security, application deployment and management, and application communications. In addition, it offers a fully-featured web environment from which users can interact with both your internally developed and third-party service offerings.

Out-of-the Box Value

Homecloud's simple to use data protection and file sharing features provide real benefits to your subscribers, enhancing customer affinity to your brand and creating the potential for additional immediate revenues.

Flexible Deployment Options

Applications and services running within Homecloud are fully managed via Homecloud's application deployment system. Every component within the Homecloud delivery system is dynamic. Homecloud seamlessly integrates with and helps improve existing service offerings both online and offline such as data backup and energy management. Homecloud provides a sound platform for continuous innovation.

Ecosystem Independence

Homecloud's architecture uses cloud-like design principles to support a broad set of devices regardless of OS or manufacturer. This enables the broadest addressable market for your home applications and services.

Accelerate Home Services Adoption

With Homecloud in place, the hurdles for a user to adopt new services can be lowered significantly. New applications and services are automatically installed and instantly become available to all devices connected to a given Homecloud.

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Questions / Answers

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