Versatile, Centralized Applications.

With Homecloud, a variety of applications are easily accessed by any connected device. You don’t have to install a new client each time you enable a new application. Every device accesses the same application directly from the Homecloud and instantly takes advantage of new features as they become available.

To get things started, every Homecloud includes a few built-in applications that will allow you to quickly protect, synchronize, and share your home data.


Homecloud Tech Specs

What's Included
Homecloud DHM
USB Setup Key
Power Supply
Ethernet Cable
Quick Start Guide

Size and Weight
Size (HxWxD): 1.75x7x7. inc.
1.65 lbs.

3 GigE LAN
1 GigE Internet Port
3 USB 2.0 Ports
802.11 n Wi-Fi

Supported Drive Formats
Mac OS Extended NJ (HFS+)

Supported Web Browsers
Safari, Firefox 3, IE 8, Chrome

Supported Operating Systems
MS Windows XP SP3 & above, Vista, Windows 7 (32bit & 64bit)
Mac OS X (10.6 and above)

Your cloud at home.

The cloud done right.
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Built-in Applications

Backup and Share

  • Homecloud Backup and Share 

    Homecloud Backup and Share offers a simple way to automatically backup and share your files and folders. Just plug a storage drive or portable device into the front USB port of the DHM. The selected files and folders will automatically be backed up to the attached USB drive and can be shared with all other computers and multimedia devices in your home. Furthermore, you can configure how often you want to automatically run Backup and Share to backup your data locally.   


Data Synchronization

  • Homecloud Data Synchronization

    With a Homecloud-enabled network, keeping your files and folders synchronized using iOS device is a snap. Homecloud creates a "My iOS" folder on all of your Homecloud enabled devices. With the click of a button, you can synchronize your favorite pictures or movies from your iOS devices to all Homecloud enabled devices. Through iOS devices, you can view and access your data resides in your Homecloud enabled computers. And the best part is the files never leave your home. It’s an included feature, and there are no extra fees, regardless of how much data you want to keep in "My iOS" folder. In order to use "My iOS" Application, you need to insert external USB or eSATA storage drives and add that drive to Homecloud storage.

Media Sharing

  • Homecloud Media Sharing

    What good are songs and movies if you don’t have them ready to listen to or watch? The pre-installed HomeCloud Media Sharing application makes any media file in your home network available to every home media player, game console, and network-connected television. Now your Windows PC, MacBook Pro, PS3 or Blu-Ray player will know about every photo or song on your network regardless of where it’s stored and will let you play it instantly and effortlessly.

Network Attached Storage

  • Homecloud Network Share

    Homecloud Network Share offers a simple way to make your attached storage drive a network share drive. With this option, just plug your USB or eSATA storage drive into the Homecloud DHM and map it as a network attached storage drive on your computer.

Data Protection

  • Security

    Homecloud Data Protection

    Do you have very important data that you want Homecloud to continuously monitor and preserve all future modifications? Then Homecloud Data Protection Application is the way to go. The DHM comes pre-installed with the Homecloud Data Protection Application which continuously monitor changes to your important data and preserve all changes or modification so that you can go back in time and restore previous version of your important data with just click of button. In order to use Homecloud Data Protection Application, you need to insert external USB or eSATA storage drives and add that drive to Homecloud storage.

Disk Viewer

  • Homecloud Disk Viewer 

    The Homecloud Disk Viewer application will display the content of all USB or eSATA drives plugged into your Homecloud DHM. You can browse and download the content from any computer or smart phone devices within your home network.